5 Reasons I Prefer Adjustable Dumbbells over Fixed Ones

Are you tired with the tons dumbbell sets you have in your home gym? Does cleaning it all up after a rigorous workout get on your nerves? What if I told you there was an easy solution and that with one set of dumbbell could replace them all?

Well, yes I am talking about adjustable dumbbells and that wasn’t convincing enough here are 5 more reasons these dumbbells are worth every penny.

Adjustable Dumbbells

They Make for a Cheaper Alternative

  • If you’re a novice than a pair or 2 of dumbbells should suffice initially but as you grow stronger you’ll want to lift heavier. This will require you to further purchase few more pairs and you’ll have to spend bigger. In the long
  • This will require you to further purchase few more pairs and you’ll have to spend bigger. In the long run, regular dumbbells can cost you around $1000-$1500.
  • Most mid-range adjustable dumbbells as featured at FitnessGuyd should cost around $200-$500 depending on the material used, padding offered and other important features.

Note: A gym membership is likely to cost you double or triple this amount. Don’t believe us? Find out yourself.

They’re super each to use

  • Lifting an adjusting dumbbell is similar to lifting a regular dumbbell or maybe not. It’s actually better. These dumbbells are ergonomically designed and have a certain amount of padding which protects the hands against blisters.
  • They also save tons of time and effort as you can switch weights in seconds. Most dumbbells have a pin system while others have a dual system which is even faster.

They’re ideal for every exercise

  • Dumbbells are important equipment in any strength training routine because they’re versatile. Unlike with a machine, with dumbbells, you can perform tons of different exercises focusing on different body muscles.
  • Adjustable dumbbells are no different. They provide the same versatility but are more convenient to use and are also faster. You can go from doing curls to a shoulder press at different weights within seconds.

Adjustable Dumbbells 3

They take up less space

  • To store all the dumbbells is tough and will require a dumbbell rack which takes up a lot of space and along with a power rack, barbell, weight plates etc. might leave you little room to work out. Storing an adjustable dumbbell is hassle-free.
  • These dumbbells come with special stands or racks. These racks provide a neat way of putting the dumbbells away after a tough workout. Also, the stands are well built and come in designs that go well with the home decor.

They Help with Better Muscle Growth

  • For maximum muscle growth working out with free weights is the way to go. That’s because with free weights the movement isn’t fixed unlike with machines and thus more muscles are engaged providing you an efficient workout.
  • With adjustable dumbbells, you can take your workout up a notch and perform more advanced workouts such as drop set which would usually require a spotter for a quick switch of the dumbbells.
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